Lab News

October 2018: Atticus attended the ForestSAT 2018 meeting at DC and presented our work on forest mortality and SIF-TLS work. A lot of interests in our work! (Photo Credit: Jeff Atkins)

We are also looking for a postdoc, please contact Xi for more information!

Fall foliage has come to Virginia — some oaks have turn yellow already!

Jake Smith has installed 15 sap flow sensors at our Pace site! Great job, Jake!

June 2018: Atticus has a new publication from his PhD thesis in Forest Ecology and Management! The paper presents an effective way to create non-destructive carbon allometry from TLS. Check it out!

Two new members joined our lab this month! Welcome, Andrew Jablonski and Chris So! Check out their profile!

May 2018: Congratulations to Lab members Madeline Reinsel and Levi Helm for their Undergraduate Distinguished Major Program thesis defense! Photosynthesis and Fluorescence!


April 2018: Atticus, Xi, Hanyu, Rahat, and Rebecca went to the Pace site to prepare for the upcoming growing season. We did some Terrestrial Laser Scan (TLS) around the tower and two drone flights! Below is a TLS scan. You can see the shed and the tower on the righthand side of the image.

PERS lab in the news! UVA today wrote a headline article about the work Xi and collaborators Kaiyu Guan (UIUC), Guofang Miao (UIUC) et al. published on the Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences. Check it out!


March 2018: Atticus and Xi went to New Mexico to install a new FluoSpec 2 system at the MPJ site. Thanks to the help from Marcy Litvak (UNM), Steven Crisp (UNM), Bill Smith (UA), Matt Danneberg (UA), Dong Yan (UA), and Xian Wang (UA), we successfully installed the instruments and an 800W solar system.



December 2017: Levi Helm gave an oral presentation at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in New Orleans. The talk was well-received! Great job, Levi!

Hanyu and Xi went to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to test the AisaIBIS Fluorescence imager. We tested the stray light of AisaIBIS. Thanks for the hosts at NIST: David Allen and Yuqing Zong.

November 2017: Our collaborator Nick Parazoo from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory visited us and gave a talk on carbon-climate feedbacks.

Tingyang Meng, Jess Munyan, and Laura Barry gave a nice presentation in the Data Science Institute on their works on ozone monitoring with drones.

October 2017: Undergraduate student Rahat Maini and Graduate Student Tingyang Meng created the 3D view of the Pace Estate Research Forest using a drone. Check it out!

On the left: Point clouds of the forest viewed from above. Right: 3D forest structure viewed from side.

Our collaborator, Kim Novick from Indiana University, gave a nice lecture in our department on tree mortality in the Eastern United States.

August 2017: Xi Yang was interviewed by UVA Today. And there is an article on what PERS lab does. Check it out!

We conducted the first airborne flight with the SPECIM AisaIBIS fluorescence sensor. We are processing the data and will release the preview soon!

July 2017: Xi, Levi, and collaborators (Yi Yin from Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Colin Edgar from University of Fairbanks) installed FluoSpec 2 at Toolik, alongside Eugenie Euskirchen’s EC tower.